Matandy processes steel for many industries including automotive, lawn and garden, construction, hardware, office furniture, appliance, agriculture and HVAC.

With extraordinary employees and state-of-the-art equipment, we execute high quality and service at competitive prices.


MachineGaugeMax WidthMax Weight
Red Bud Slitting Line .015″ to .135″up to 72″60,000 lb
60″ Stamco Slitting Line.018″ to .130″up to 60″40,000 lb
36″ Paxson Slitting Line.018″ to .120″up to 33″10,000 lb
60″ Red Bud CTL.020″ to .140″up to 60″40,000 lb
60″ Gary CTL Line.015″ to .105″ up to 60″20,000 lb
Ruesch Reduction Mill.015″ to .100″ up to 14″10,000 lb
CWP Trapezoidal Shear.015″ to .050″up to 36″8,000 lb
Cincinnati 120″ Hand Shear.020″ to .140″ n/a n/a

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